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When futures are at risk… it is the guidance of a leader to be the figure you can look up to.
It is not just a stand-alone task, but it takes great efforts by people… in volumes – in masses.

Welcome to a new leadership, in Digital Media… where experience has been a lifelong value
Where we’re not thinking about the future in the prospective vision anymore…
Where education and investing in Small Businesses to create a new age…

To Create A New Television network isn’t something that is prospective, or imaginary
Where media advocacy and real messages are needed to be emphasized in everyday movies.

But it starts with another education from an Online Bachelors degree from Pennsylvania State University…
From an individual who’ve grown up with a story of art, hard work and poverty… just like you and me.
And continues into a relocation to Texas, by making a needed purchase of an abandoned High School…
In the City of Dreams in Arlington, TX…

Where experience truly makes people rich, and volunteers can coordinate with me – a new employer,
After this is purchased with your help, and while my education is completed within the 4 years…
Because we need to invest in more Television & Communications, but we also need more messages of advocacy and values.

Values of Independence, Safety & Awareness goes unnoticed with so much advertising…
Limiting exceptional programming and talent like mine;
Economic downfalls have turned turned people and credit away since 1999.
And we can’t say this anymore:
“You need a higher credit score…
“In order to get what you’re looking for.”

We’re barely surviving, and things are being justified…
While artists like us try and come up with something new…
And we do a good job.

And some people are being unconvinced about wanted to return to school…
Or wanting to continue, at all…
We need donors, to address this pitfalls.

Becauase this is not okay,
And Substitute Substandards Television will be committed towards NOTHING but values
And exceptional leadership within its efforts…
Because I am the same way!

I have said in my song, “Exchange”
Even before I became a filmmaker:

“Popularity Is Always Overrated,
“We Will Never Be Jealous, Belittled or Degraded
“We will Exchange Ourselves, We Will Exchange Our Values
“To Make Things Better For Me and You…”

We need to remember this all along,
As we try and correct what has been wrong,
As we try to become strong

And the one thing I’ve learned the hard way,
Is when you have only experience, you have something…
And that’s only half of the key to success
But one half in life or a test don’t equal a whole grade.

And so I ask for your support in this very challenging campaign,
For the benefit of society and in a time of uncertainty,
But in years where change must be made,
Let’s make the grade.

Help support an education
And let’s donate to Substitute Substandards Television:


A Division of Substitute Substandards LLC…
to bring it to Arlington, TX.

We are committed ourselves to changing the lives of what we see
On set and on your screen…
It starts with education, creativity and innovation.

Let’s Achieve More,
We Want To “Brighten Up Your World.”
As well as Ours.

Thank You,

Gregory W. Kemms
Substitute Substandards LLC –