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Brian Schultz – Help Me Pay Debts & Live A Normal Life GoFundMe

Help me fulfill my dream of paying back my 70-year-old parents for their financial support and getting rid of my debts. I am Brian Schultz, a fully disabled person, unable to work since a decade ago. My situation led to bankruptcy, and my parents helped me get back on my feet. However, I want to pay them back and live a normal life without being a burden on my family. Please donate or share my story to help me achieve my goal.

Dear friends,

My name is Brian Schultz, and I am reaching out to you in the hopes of fulfilling a wish that is very important to me. I want to be able to pay back my 70-year-old parents for all the financial help they have given me since I was declared fully disabled nearly a decade ago and considered 100% unemployable by the courts.

Being labeled disabled in my early 30s, I was unable to pay into Social Security, and my SSDI monthly check is not enough to cover my expenses. My parents graciously helped cover the mortgage on my house while I awaited the final decision of the courts on my case. Sadly, I was still unable to retain the house with my new finances leading to bankruptcy and my first return to living with my parents.

Since then, I have been trying to make ends meet and repay my parents for their financial assistance. However, the constant nagging feeling of emptiness kept raising my ever-revolving debt, and once again my parents stepped in and offered to pay off my bills so I could pay them instead, interest-free.

Living this way, I will never be able to stop being a burden on my parents and family. I know they have dipped into their savings more than once so I feel the need to repay more intently. So should this fundraiser succeed, I can look to the future and actually believe I may have one.

Please support

I am hoping to raise funds to pay back my parents and get rid of my debts, so I can finally live a normal life without being a burden on my family. Your little amount can take me a step closer to my goal. If you cannot donate, please consider sharing my story to help me reach a wider audience.

I appreciate your support, and I promise to do all I can to be worthy of it and never allow myself to fall back into this vicious cycle again, this time only needing moral support from my family.

Thank you for your time, and may God bless you.


Brian Schultz