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Break the Cycle One Woman at a Timr Fire Sisters Rising GoFundME Viral Promo

Fire Sisters Rising, LLC was founded in 2016 when the Founder and CEO, Charlie Cardin, started sharing her story online to empower domestic violence survivors to know not only are they not alone but that they can overcome the effects of abuse and move into a life of passion and purpose. Since inception, Fire Sisters Rising has inspired hundreds of thousands of survivors and has an active private Facebook group where she provides personal support and coaching where survivors are in varying stages of need…some need guidance and safety plans to get out of an abusive relationship, some need emotional support to recover from the shame and some just need to know they are not alone.

From the beginning, Charlie’s vision was that she could help survivors acquire the necessary skills to do what they need to not only get out of an abusive relationship, but to break the cycle of abuse forever. Women can only do this if they are fully independent and able to take care of themselves and their children. Through group coaching programs, Charlie teaches skills in self confidence, self care, career building, parent leadership and finance to secure not only their future but the future for their children.

A $300 donation will enter them into a 3 month group coaching program that also includes a subscription to Legal Shield (unlimited attorney consultations) in addition to a comprehensive Financial Fitness program.

Charlie is a coach, professional speaker and consultant who specializes in unlocking the lessons in adversity which give way to breakthroughs to secure your next level in life. After a 25 year corporate journey, Charlie has dedicated her life to helping and empowering those affected by trauma. She is a Certified High Performance and Parent Leadership Coach. She has also been trained relieving PTSD symptoms from trauma.

Fire Sisters Rising believes that compassion and empowerment are the keys to ending all violence.