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Book Tour 2017

My name is N.A. Le Brun, I’m an indie book author who writes books for the Young Adult market. My series, The Lunegosse Tales, is a Science Fiction Young Adult series with an LGBTQ element. I want to give readers the chance to have the books I didn’t have as a young adult, questioning my identity, and I hope that The Lunegosse Tales can do just that.

I’m looking to raise money to tour the UK at Science Fiction Conventions in 2017, selling copies of the two books currently available in the series. The Search for Lana has been available for a while now and book 2, The Journey Home, is being released at the end of November 2016.

Starting in February next year, I want to tour the UK in order to be able to sell the books to a wider audience. This means I need to raise the money to do the following:

* Book transportation to the conventions
* Book tables at conventions
* Pay for accomodation nearby to the conventions
* Print the first run of books
* Print business cards and flyers

Everyone contributing to this campaign will receive something in return, be it a public thank you on my Facebook author page, or for some of the bigger donations, signed copies of books and ebook copies too.