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I have struggled off and on with Lyme disease which I contracted in 1998 . over the years it is sometimes manageable, sometimes not. At the end of, 2015 I began to develop symptoms that would not allow me to eat properly or processed food correctly and along with the arthritic features and the general Cornucopia of other symptoms that go along with Lyme disease I began to lose weight.

I went from 175 pounds down to 113 pounds. I developed pneumonia and other Lyme-related complications that really knocked me for a loop. I was not able to work for long periods, so we lived off of our savings, and some extreme budget tightening. At the same time, my wife developed terrible headaches and extreme pain in her jaw. After multiple rounds of antibiotics, and three unnecessary root canals it turned out to be a trigeminal nerve issue .She is successfully managing the pain with a team of specialists.

I have gained back 29 pounds and weigh 136. I am now able to take on light work again and so we arrive at the unique situation that leads me to seek help through GoFundMe.

The good news is, that my paintings are starting to create a real buzz. I have attracted gallery owners and Agents who feel as though my work is unique.I am about to be featured at the Westerhoff gallery in Essex mass. paired with a famous sculpture.People who see my paintings are moved by them but,;I am currently completely overwhelmed by bills and daily survival and afraid of getting run down again .I need some help order to take full advantage of this opportunity and just get over a hump.

we feel that my art career is going to take off, and we will be in the position to help as many people as we can , because in our heart of hearts if we ever had more than our simple needs it;would give us more joy than anything to help others. we really want to get there. it seems very frustrating that being so close, we can never quite reach the precipice. so I would say, If anyone is moved to help, just know we would be very gratefull. .

Our plan is to use this money to catch up on our bills and free up some time to prepare for my Gallery opening at the” Westerhoff Gallery” in Essex mass. I have found some inexpensive studio rentals nearby where i could work on paintings on a larger well as money for canvases and paints etc; I am approaching sixty so my shot at this is now. I have more ideas than there are canvases on earth… thank you so much for any help to achieve this dream. Jonathan and Colleen Bis