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The FREUTOY by Hidden Joy Lingerie Coupon Promo

Best Lingerie for Her The FREUTOY by Hiddenjoy Lingerie IndieGoGo Campaign

The FREUTOY by Hiddenjoy Lingerie – Forget everything u know about plugs! The FREUTOY will arouse lost passion in an unprecedented way!

FREUTOY by Hiddenjoy Lingerie New fashion label with a unique attachment system – novel and naughty!

Lingerie lovers pay attention! New fashion label Hiddenjoy Lingerie launches a revolutionary attachment system for their garments. The main product FREUTOY features an unprecedented system to attach textiles to the body. This new product enables users to wear unique designs and cuts while enjoying an unexpected level of comfort from using the product.


New fashion and lingerie label Hiddenjoy Lingerie.
The core product in this campaign is the FREUTOY.
First toy worldwide with a lock-and-key system for multiple uses.
Unique clothing concept due to novel attachment point.
FREUTOY is crafted in stainless steel via 3D printing.
Unique styles and cuts were finally made possible.
Hiddenjoy Lingerie‘s products are worn as a ‚sweet secret‘ as a lifestyle accessory.
FREUTOY‘s novel product features support use over extended periods of time.

The new fashion label enters the world stage prepared to ignite your desire. Hiddenjoy Lingerie combines the world of fashion and accessories with an erotic item to create a completely new product experience. At the heart of our portfolio is the FREUTOY, a unique maintenance-free attachment device with a lock-and-key system. Its key can be attached to the label’s textiles and then connected to the lock in the outer element of the FREUTOY. The garments can be safely connected to and disconnected from the FREUTOY as required. If you need to use the bathroom or wish to bring the evening to a lustful and satisfying end, just disconnect the textile item by gently pushing the release!

Contemporary attachment methods are made redundant by FREUTOY’s unique new system. For instance, the ribbon leading from the textile triangle at the front of a G-string back towards the front between the buttocks is no longer necessary. Expect looks of surprise from lingerie lovers who will be ravished by the sight of a body stripping bare in a new fashion.

At first glance, FREUTOY may come across as a simple anal plug made from surgical steel. The item, however, possesses several unique features which outshine the qualities of an ordinary erotic toy. Not only is it the FREUTOY’s natural purpose to give pleasure to the body. More importantly, it also serves as an attachment point for textiles of all kinds. Conventional clothing is usually worn over a period of many hours at a time. FREUTOY allows you to do the same – a groundbreaking evolution amongst its peer products. One of its greatest features results from the manufacturing process. The FREUTOY is manufactured by use of the emerging method of laser sintering. During laser sintering, a stainless steel shape is created from the finest stainless steel powder over a 25-hour 3D printing process. The created shape will then be finished by hand to become an item of unparalleled beauty. Another highlight of this method is that the product can be produced hollow on the inside (and we don’t mean the “eye” in the head) which reduces its weight by almost 50% compared to the solid design. The decreased weight of the hollow product makes it even more suitable for comfortable long-term use.

Another distinctive feature is FREUTOY‘s anatomical shape. Most metal plugs commonly available on the market have been shaped on an ordinary lathe which only allows for the production of linear forms. 3D printing makes it possible to craft FREUTOY to conform to the natural shape of the rectum. This production process allows for an abrupt bend in the plug right above the sphincter and facing towards the tailbone. FREUTOY follows the body’s natural shape and does not force the organs into uncomfortable positions.

The next fantastic innovation is the integrated lubricant reservoir. At first sight, the plug’s „eye“ will be perceived as a mere design attribute, but in reality, the chamber in FREUTOY’s head can hold a lubricant. A suitable lubricant will be added before the plug’s insertion. The body’s heat and movement result in a gradual release of the lubricant into the respective cavity. This way, FREUTOY will stay lubricated all the time which results in a long-term joyful experience.

Last, but not least, FREUTOY has a relatively small inner part at about 30mm in diameter, which makes it a very agreeable size, ensuring that it can be easily handled even by novices and will be experienced as an enjoyable sweet secret for amateurs and expert users alike.

At the end of the day, the purpose of all mentioned characteristics is to create a reliable attachment point for textiles that is also comfortable to use for an extended period of time. This creates an added benefit for the user: FREUTOY in its capacity as a sweet secret can be taken anywhere! Whether you’re out shopping downtown, at a parent convention at school, or at a candlelight dinner … the imagination of everyone who knows you have a sweet secret is going to run wild. Which will eventually lead to the eagerly anticipated consequences! 😉

Of course, FREUTOY can also be used without textile attachments just to secretly provide pleasure. When worn during lovemaking, both lovers are going to have distinctly more intense sex as the increased need for space in the neighboring cavity makes the vagina feel much tighter. And finally, the anal plug prepares the user carefully for an alternative sexual technique – which of course requires the prior removal of the FREUTOY.

Hiddenjoy Lingerie is constantly working to extend its collection. We are currently in the process of developing skirts/dresses with incorporated panties as well as other accessories. We assure you that any designs available in the future will always be compatible with the existing FREUTOY.

The Hiddenjoy Lingerie collection has been designed to provide our customers with a surprising stimulus to escape the daily drudgery and boredom and to rekindle old flames.

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