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Backpack ASG-1

Do you want to have your clothes safe, dry and clean or maybe your gadgets ready to work every time during your trip or journey? Don’t believe it is real? Сhoose our new backpack and check it yourself!
What are our advantages?
1. You can choose the color you like. Do you want it to be Maroon-black, grey –blue or maybe Khaki- beige! Easy thing!!
2. Do you want to feel comfortable while carrying our backpack? No problem! To avoid a problem with a «wet back», we devised a special so called ventilation «chimney» on a back panel. Now you can forget about it.
3. Are you afraid of stealing your backpack? There is no reason! We care about our clients and ready to offer you a backpack with a special alarm system. If someone is going to steal it, you will hear.
4. And the biggest bonus- special waterproof material will help you to save your clothes and gadgets from the rain.
Let’s look at the backpack’s content!
One zip section, inner А4 pocket with rubber band
Rubberized handle, anatomical back
Two front pockets, one is with organizer
Two side zip pockets
Two mesh pockets
Pockets with a band
-Are you tired of folding things, forget it.
-Are you tired of losing small things in your bag, use special side pockets.
All sections are so convenient that you can easily get your laptop, phone, pencil, pen, documents and other things.
And the most pleasant thing for modern users- a powerful charger- you can charge your gadget, phone,MP3 player with a powerful battery. And…….in the same time.