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Autumn and Winter’s New House FREE Crowd Funding Promote Boost IDIDIT

Autumn and Winter are our two sweet Siberian Husky puppies. They are 4 months and 3 1/2 months old. We have had them for two months and we cannot imagine our lives without them anymore. We love them to death. Unfortunately, the people whom we live with don’t feel the same way. When we are home, we notice that they don’t pay attention to the puppies except for maybe 2 minutes a day. When they wander anywhere in the house other than our room, even while supervised by us, they are often yelled at. We set up a doggie cam for when we are not home and we often see them being ignored, yelled at, kicked, and locked in their crates for long periods of time. It breaks my heart to see this happen, but there is nowhere else that we can turn to for shelter. This is why I am asking you to help us raise funds for either a couple months of rent while we save up to get our own place or a down payment for our own home. It would be amazing for the puppies to have a more spacious environment where they can call home and explore without worrying about being yelled at or punished harshly.