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GotGreenNotGreed, the company that’s committed to help
people go green and inspires them to protect the environment by offering a
range of green products, has announced the launch of ‘The Camping
Companion Complete’. It is the world’s first truly high value solar camping
accessory that works on polarized magnetic connectors and a solar panel.
“The Camping Companion Complete is our latest offering aimed specifically
at campers,” says the spokesperson for GotGreenNotGreed. “It is a handy kit
for fulfilling two of the most basic needs of camping, namely fire and potable
water. This is yet another endeavor by our company to encourage
consumers to buy green products that are environmentally friendly.”
GotGreenNotGreed has been making it easy for people to go green by
removing the element of greed from their pricing and focusing solely on the
green part of business. It is not unusual for companies selling green products
to charge exorbitantly in the name of delivering an exclusive and privileged
facility. This is where GotGreenNotGreed stands apart.
At GotGreenNotGreed, it is the commitment to environmental protection that
drives their energy to research and create innovative green products. Making
huge profits is not what they focus on.
The Camping Companion Complete is a truly valuable product that comes to
the rescue of camping teams, hunting groups, hiking expeditions and
individuals when they need a fire and want to purify water.

To make it truly green, the company provides various modules in this innovative solar powerhouse that can be used to charge or power a number of different devices
ranging from 1.5 to 12 volts directly.

The Camping Companion Complete takes the green initiative to a higher
level as it can be charged through a solar panel. This means that the user
need not change battery regularly. Millions of batteries end up in landfills
each year in the US. The Camping Companion Complete is a small initiative
that can prevent use of batteries and contribute to enhanced use of green
and renewable source of energy.
By using this eco-friendly fire starter and water purification device,
consumers can do their bit for the planet. They can not only save money by
not buying batteries but also help in keeping the planet clean and green.
The motto of GotGreenNotGreed is to help everyone by encouraging use of
their Innovation4PlanetPreservation.

This device is Patent Pending.