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Trackspeed1-UK are one of the most successful sprints training groups in the UK. They have seen athletes progress from school level to major Games including Wolrd Championships and the Olympics, but now they are desperate for support. Training 6 days a week for 10 months of the year doesn’t come cheap, and thus far they have done it without any financial support at all.

Traveling to competitions all over the UK, and sometimes Europe, buying kit, equipment, paying facility fees, and most importantly affording an annual pre-seaon training camp in the U.S., has drained pockets to exhaustion.

They urgently need your support!

There may have been a fantastic feel-good factor after the Rio Games for TeamGB, but this immensely talented group of athletes training at Crystal Palace, South London, working just as hard as many Olympians, desperately need some support now if they are to continue producing outstanding talent for the future.

Some examples of their past successes:

— Discovery and development of world class athletes including Phillips Idowu, Joice Maduaka, James Ellington, and Jamie Quarry

— Coaching of Olympians including Chris’ Lambert, Dwayne Grant and James Ellington

–The European under-23 200m championship record was set by Trackspeed1-UK’s Chris Lambert in 2003 and stands to this day, along with all the sprint records at Harvard University (he was the world’s fastest junior in 1999)

–David Bolarinwa is one of only two Britons to win three medals at a European Junior Championships (2011), having also been the fastest 16-year-old in the world in 2010, and a world junior 200m finalist in 2012