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Angela’s Campaign after being robbed GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

I live alone. My ex of 20 years left me behind in everything, when he left me for another woman. I just got caught up to break even point. Thought I was gonna use my tax return to pay everyone back. IRS said that i could not claim my daughter on my taxes cause she selected that no one could claim her on her taxes. Then I get home and someone robbed me. Took both my TVs. This is the same day. I exchanged shifts with a co worker and went in at 5 am. trying to help her out cause she is pregnant. Yesterday was a bad day for me. If you gave to help me before you don’t have to give again. If you didn’t and want to help this time please do so. I am also going to get an alarm system. I need this by end of next week. I am not trying to get rich, just asking for the amount of help that I need. Plus I am disabled but I have to work or be homeless. Please help, if a guy can get 1 million dollars for beer, I am sure that someone out here can help me. Please give if you can. I would greatly appreciate it. I am not sleeping at nights, thinking that they are going to kick my door down while I am in my apartment. Just found out more bad news this morning, the apartment complex was letting me pay weekly, now they want all of their money by next week. I am not having a great month. If you can help me please do so. Remember that I am single and all alone, with no one to help me. My father is disabled and my mother died of cancer in 2009. God bless you for the help!