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My name is Schnice, and I am doing this to help my mum, go back to Scotland, one last time to see her mum. ❤️

My mother is an amazing woman! She hasn’t had the easiest of lives, and that’s why she deserves this so much!

Theresa, my mum. Moved from Scotland to Australia, when she was in her 20s with my big Brother Steve and her husband at the time. Since moving to Australia, she had another daughter, Noele – an extra special daughter. She has Downsyndrome.

My mother then moved to QLD, where she then had Me, Schnice. This is where things get really hard for her in life, when I was 2 years old my mum was hit by a car and hospitalised in ICU for months. It took a massive impact, on her life and raising me as a kid, it meant no riding a bike, or teaching me how to drive. She has metals plates in her legs, which makes it hard for her to do day to day acvtivities, and causes her much pain.

In 2010 my mother and I went to Scotland to see her Father (adopted) unfortunately he passed away, before we got to Scotland and to see him. My mum never got to say goodbye to her dad.

In 2012, they found cancer in her mouth, she had that removed, and all was well. A few years on, my mum was told she had breast cancer – this set life back even more.

It’s 2016 my mum has the all clear, she beat cancer, and she has one wish – to see her Mum for one last time, as a daughter it breaks my heart to see my mum cry for her mother on the other side of world, just wanting to hug her.

I’m doing this, because it’s all I can do. & hope that, people feel the love I do for my mum, and help me get her home, ONE LAST TIME – she’s 63.

Thank you, for your time.

Schnice Robertson