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A Classic Pizzeria with New Ideas IndieGoGO Viral Promo

Badges will be a pizzeria unlike others. Focusing on the freshest of ingredients, traditional techniques, and supporting our local Police, Fire, and EMS Family.

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The passion behind the idea…

We are a group of emergency responders, Police, Fire, and EMS. We have all worked and volunteered in our area for years and are very passionate about our careers. We have another thing in common…Food, a love for cooking and especially pizza. It came to us one day that there are no pizza places around with an emergency response motif, and the dream was born. It’s the natural combination of emergency responders and food on the go.

Badges will be a family style pizzeria, using old world techniques and recipes rarely seen in modern pizza places. Traditional hand tossed NY style pizza, fresh local ingredients, house made sauces and toppings, and affordable enough that every family can afford a gourmet pizza night.


Things we will be using funds for

There are many things needed to start a new pizzeria. Licensing, equipment, permits, supplies, and ingredients, and that is just scratching the surface. Every penny earned through this campaign will go directly into building the business. The first priority will be licensing, followed by securing the location. From that point we will work on design and building. all while working with local farms and dairies to source as many local ingredients as possible.

To show our gratitude we will be offering perks for our investors which will include but are not limited to…

  • Gift certificates
  • Logo apparel only available to campaign contributors
  • Sweepstakes to name signature pies
  • Investor recognition plaque in the restaurant for the most generous
  • Equity options for the angels among us.
  • And more added throughout the campaign

Our goal may seem high, and some will question if it’s attainable. First off we have faith in our community and our brothers and sisters in uniform. You put your trust and lives literally in our hands every day, now we put our future in yours. We know you will do everything you can to help. Whether it’s giving a dollar or a thousand, liking and sharing our social media pages, or sharing this campaign with friends, we thank you in advance, every action means the world to us.

If we should not reach our goal, all of our efforts will not be in vain. We will continue to work hard everyday and gratefully use all that our supporters and contributors give to continue turning this dream into a reality.


The Impact on our community

When we say family and community, we don’t just mean our local police officers, firefighters, paramedics, emts, and dispatchers, we truly mean each and every person living in our area. While the theme will be emergency response, the décor and atmosphere will be comfortable, casual and inviting for all.


Other Ways You Can Help

We know that not everybody has the ability to contribute to our campaign. But that doesn’t mean you cant be part of this epic event still. By sharing this campaign as well as following and sharing all of our social media pages you can help us grow immensely. As we mentioned before, we are grateful for every action, big or small….so much power in a like, share, and retweet. There will be continuous social media promotions for apparel and gift certificates.

And of course come to the Grand Opening event, showing up is the greatest gift of all.