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3 months Due Rent Medical Crisis GoFundME Viral Promo

Unable to pay three months rent we are behind, manager has given us a pre-notice to Eviction and we came up with one month. My wife and I both have many debilitating challenges both physical and emotional. Have had to skip a prescription or two to pay utilities.

Thank God for food banks. We have both had to put off Doctor visits as we cannot pay co-pay which is demanded at time of service. We live in a 50 yr old trailer 35′ x 10′ with our three wonderful Cats whom also have medical needs. Special food for Billy and Daily pills and pain killer for Pudding’s arthritis. We have sold so much and are having to use a payday loan month after month.

The $500.00 for $44.00 has paid our utilities as we cut every expense we can Please we do not know what else to do as I do not want to burden family when I know any loan will take a long time to be able to repay and I do not want them to know my current Health condition or worse have them see me. I have lost 50 Lbs and at 55 look like a cancer patient at 70 who is losing the battle.

Please help us pay this bill so we can breath a little.

May God bless you for even a prayer for us.

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