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3-in-1 Robotic Cleaning System

RoboTools Inc 3-in-1 Robotic Cleaning System DONATE Today!


This campaign is to help get this prototype completed and in the hands of investors. This process could take as long as a year, but when it pays off you will be the first to have one of these amazing tools.

The S-M-A-R-T Cleaner is a vacuum, mop, and steam cleaner all rolled up into a single system. This is a complete replacement for all the cleaning tools you currently use in one single unit.

RoboTools’ S-M-A-R-T Cleaner combines the best features of robotic vacuums and traditional vacuums to satisfy the void in the market:

A robotic vacuum cleaner that does not require additional or supportive tools to effectively clean all floor types in the home or office setting


Features include time scheduler, remote app, object detection, auto recharging, touch screen, ledge detection, room mapping, manual use with handle, use with AC, and extendable head.

You can operate the S-M-A-R-T cleaner via the touch screen, or you can remote control the S-M-A-R-T cleaner via your computer, internet, or iPhone using any internet access point.

RoboTools designed this tool from the ground up, while thinking of the women, and small businesses, and we believe we have made the perfect tool. We have thought of everything to make your life easier, and with the ability to use the cleaner manually, with AC, and accessories we created the only tool you will need.

Manual use with handle

You do not need to worry about what happens if the battery dies, because you can simply plug the tool into an AC outlet and use it just like the AC vacuum you have today. It is 100% automated, and can be instructed to clean-up any area from your computer, internet, or iPhone.

Try to use one of those other robotic cleaners in this fashion, but make sure you have plenty of aspirin when you do try.

S-M-A-R-T Cleaner is designed to work on any floor and can safely, and easily, move from one flooring type to another. With the 2 on-board camera’s the system can adjust and adapt to the environment that it encounters.

If you have a delicate rug on the floor, and want to use extra care on this rug then after the mapping is performed, simply instruct the cleaner to reduce the vacuum on it via the computer mapping module (though during training this is performed automatically). You have complete control of what your cleaner does, and how much vacuum to use in any area it is to clean.

Our cleaner is capable of mapping out every room it encounters, and when the mapping is complete you just need to name the area. When you wish to clean just that room, simply instruct the tool to clean that room and off it goes.

Businesses, we have thought of you as well. With our tool, you can map your working area and when you need it simply instruct it to do its job. With the business package, you have more control over what your cleaner will do for your company. It will clean hallways and cubical areas just like any room.

Best of all, because the tool maps the cleaning area out room by room there is no guess work as to whether it will clean a given area. All room information, including objects, are stored in FLASH memory and ensures the tool can clean quicker and more efficiently. If you move something, that’s fine as the tool will update its room map to reflect this so that the next time it runs in that room, it will have an updated map.

If you wish to partition your room so that it will clean just a certain area, then this is a simple task. Lay the training strip on the floor (included), block off the section, and start the room training. Once the room is mapped, you can remove the floor strip and the system will remain within the area you have trained.

RoboTools is using state of the art 32-bit processor to operate all of the functions for this spectacular tool. This Texas Instruments process provides the capability for the following:
-2 on-board cameras – Proximity Detectors

DC Vacuum Motor – Extendable Vacuum Head

On-board Touch Screen – “Follow me” Mode

Lightweight Design – Other DC Motors

– Auto Recharging – Cleaning Accessories

NOTE: These are not the complete list of features, and simply provides insight into the types of features offered.

Follow Me Mode

Don’t carry the cleaner to where the mess is! Let it follow you with the “Follow Me” mode, which no other robotic tool has.

Child and Pet Friendly

Our tool can vacuum for hours, beating out the competition by a mile. It is child and pet friendly with the 2 on-board camera’s and the full array of sensors that surround the system to detect objects. Making sure that your loved ones are safe at all times.

You can program multiple rooms, or cleaning times making this tool the most versatile on the market today.

Adjustable vacuum strength

This tool is great for removing that annoying pet hair, or cleaning delicate items, as the vacuum strength is completely adjustable. No more concerns about pulling the fur off fluffy, or damaging that delicate curtain.

With the vacuum strength of 2x that of an AC cleaner, you are sure to have your floors cleaned better than any other cleaner.

RoboTools’ S-M-A-R-T Cleaner combines the best features of robotic vacuums and traditional vacuums to satisfy the void in the market:

A robotic vacuum cleaner that does not require additional or supportive tools to effectively clean all floor types in the home or office setting

Standard AccessoriesNo need for any additional cleaning tools, as we provide the standard tools you will find with any AC cleaning system. You will simply need to select, from the user menu, the accessory cleaning option and the head will adjust so you can put the hose in to clean.

Solving some of the most common problems

  • Best cleaning of floors available
  • No need for multiple cleaning tools
  • Manual use to clean furniture, or anything beyond floors.
  • Low noise
  • Better corner cleaning
  • FLASH updates
  • Save Money

One cleaner replaces all of these

Standard Package Contains:
1 – Main Cleaning Unit (includes all fluid tanks and dust bin)

1 – Charging Dock

1 – Bristle Brush

1 – Mopping Brush

1 – Accessory Kit

1 – Filter

1 – AC Power Cord

1 – Battery

1 – Manual use handle

1 – Standard Color Shell

1 – Room Partition Training Strip (50ft.)

1 – 5 Year Warranty

Special Order Shells Extra

We will offer shells that will allow the customer to select the type of shell they want to buy. There will be standard color shells (no extra cost), and special design shells that will add an extra charge to the cleaner. (selected from the company website only)

About the Company

Founded in October 2013, RoboTools Inc. was created with the sole purpose of making the AC cleaner an artifact. Our flagship product the S-M-A-R-T cleaner is just the first in a line of cleaning products that are designed to make those everyday tasks a breeze. Future products will include industrial, as well as yard maintenance tools.We will branch out our technology to other area’s to continue to provide a tool that makes peoples life/jobs easier.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my project.

I have been in electronic engineering for over 20 years, and worked with many different electronic configurations, which include AC/DC, DC/DC, Electrometer, Spectrometer, Embedded, Automotive IC, and much more. I designed the S-M-A-R-T (Small Mobile Automated Robotic Tool) cleaner because I want to eliminate the AC tools from the market. They are noisy, and consume a lot of energy to run. I believe that robotics is the future, so I am bringing the 22nd century to the 21st century with this tool.

Why I need your support

I have desired for a very long time to make a tool that will ensure that basic tasks are done with ease, and much more quietly than today’s AC cleaners. I have noticed how the average family has less time to spend doing those mundane chores, due to more families being a two family house. They will spend more money than they should buying robotic tools that need supporting devices to be effective, and so the S-M-A-R-T cleaner was born.

This funding will allow me to complete the prototype, and work out the design bugs before presenting to an investor. Having a prototype is the foundation to getting an investor on board with the company, and you can help me with this. Even if it is just $1 and you telling your family/friends, this will be an incredible boost in my ability to complete this work.

Risks and Challenges


I have worked with many contract manufacturers and have a team of people in these fields ready to help with all the logistics of the manufacturing process. Their expertise spans to several decades, and their cost cutting experience will aid me in saving the most money in the process to get to the finish line.


Clearly my biggest hurdle is to obtain funding. This prototype will make that takes much smaller and easier, as all investors want to see a working product. So far I have only had a prototype that validates basic functionality and not fully functional. With your help, I will be able to obtain investment partners, and get into production to bring this incredible product to the world.


1) When will the tool be ready for production?

Once we have the prototype validated/verified, we will then begin production. The prototype validation is expected to last for 9 – 12 months. Then within the next few months following that we expect to be into production. At that time, we will begin shipping systems, first to our supporters, and then to the public.

2) Will the APP work with both Android and Mac?Yes, both will work with our tool

3) Can the cleaner be controlled by Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is how you can control the tool either from your house or when you are out on the town.

4) How long will the battery last before it has to be recharged?

We anticipate that the tool will run between 3 – 4 hours before it has to go back to the recharging station.

5) How long will it take to recharge?

Our target is 4 – 6 hours of charge time, but with today’s technology we may be able to shorten that.

6) Can I customize the design of the cleaner?

Yes, we will have a large selection of colors or special shells. The standard color shells will not cost extra, but the special shells with have cost associated.

7) How do you control the cleaner?

There are several ways to control the tool. 1) Via the touch screen 2) use a computer from the cleaner software package 3) from your iPhone

8) Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, we are providing the world’s best warranty of a full 5 years. This is a complete warranty, and not a “limited” warranty. We believe in our product so much that we want you to rest assured that if you buy one of our tools, you will be protected.

Price Comparison:

Low end price (Competition)

High end price (Competition)

Low end price (RoboTools)

High end price (RoboTools)


– 2 times the vacuum of any AC cleaner currently on the market today

– Adjustable vacuum strength

– Child and pet friendly, with the 2 on board cameras

– Manual use with insertion of a handle

– Runs off of AC

– Start time scheduler (Multiple times)

– Multiple room programming

– Self charging

– Head extends to reach under areas the body can not

– Communicate with system from your computer via Wi-Fi

– Easy setup and run through the capacitive touch screen

– Software updatable

– Software upgradeable from the basic unit to the optional unit


– Smart phone interface

– Internet interface

– Security Video Camera


We are going to offer a 5 year warranty, which will be the longest warranty in the cleaning industry. Longer than Hoover, Kirby, Dyson, and all the others. The average warranty is 3 years, and this is often limited. Ours will feature a complete “bumper to bumper” warranty so you know that you have a system that will last.

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