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Teen Family ‘made for TV’ Drama being Filmed in Florida, Fall 2017.

Relationship With Grannie is a story that depicts and empowers the relationship between a granddaughter, fifteen year old Passion Holloway and her atypical fifty-four year old grandmother, Dr. Katherine Holloway, whom she calls Grannie. Passion has been raised by Grannie since the day she was born.

Her mother, Jessica, was sixteen when she died while giving birth to Passion. Grannie has made a wonderful life for both her and Passion. This is very well noticed by everyone. Especially by Passion’s best-friend Cameron, who is having a few problems at home, which leads to an undesirable altercation between her and Passion.

Jordan and Nicole are Passion’s other two best-friends who go away for the summer, but all four girls reunite in New York City for a phenomenally social occasion. Passion is baffled by a phone call she receives and this leads to an unforeseen visitor, feelings go sour in the process. Passion has a few especial firsts as all teenagers do and Grannie is right there with her through it all advising and talking and laughing and enjoying life with her granddaughter.